France - Cycling the Via Rhona from Condrieu to Avignon

France - Cycling the Via Rhona from Condrieu to Avignon

Self-guided biking tour - Via RHONA from Condrieu (South of Lyon) to Avignon (Provence) or Camargue (via the Pont du Gard)


 This cycling holiday starts in Condrieu, south of the Roman city of Vienne, follows the meanders of the most powerful French rivers southwards, in Avignon, city of the Popes. The central theme of this tour is the Rhône River; a wonderful discovery of the fine wines of this region and the architectural treasures of the civilizations which have succeeded one another on either side of its banks.

You will take part in this modern itinerary, an authentic cycle trip on soft traffic infrastructures. You will appreciate the simple pleasure of pedalling along this impressive river.

Further South, the Via Rhôna currently ends in Avignon and has yet to be completed.

This tour can also go further to the Pont du Gard in 3 mores stages :

Avignon - Remoulins 60 km

Remoulins - Pont du Gard - Arles 51 km

Arles - Sainte Maries de la Mer - 40 km

Day 1

Arrival in Condrieu. Check-in at your hotel in Condrieu. You can pick-up your bikes. Night in a 4* hotel in B&B

Day 2

Condrieu, 30 to 45 km
Here you will see that nature is omnipresent. Leaning against the Natural Park of Pilat, the steep slopes sheltering the prestigious vineyards of Côtes Rôties and Condrieu dominate the river from their terraces. Suggestion: return cycle tour to the north, 30 km. 2h to 3h for the return trip. Here you will have the opportunity to immerse in the Gallo-Roman history and enjoy a beautiful cycle path between Condrieu and Vienne. We also advise you to take some time to visit the archaeological sites of Saint-Romain-en-Gal: one of the largest ensembles devoted to the Gallo-Roman civilization in France on 7 hectares. It’s one of the most extensive Roman residential areas discovered in France! Vienne is a city of Art and History; you will be spoilt for choices: Augustus and Livie Temple, the Pyramid and also the archeological garden of Cybèle. The antique theatre (40 and 50 years after JC), takes the form of a hill and is used as a scene during the summer Jazz festival. On the return trip, you will pass by the great Tour des Valois (1343); the only remain of the Ste Colombre-les-Vienne fortifications. You will continue on the cycle path to the Nature Reserve of the Beurre Island before reaching Condrieu. Night in a 4* hotel in B&B

Day 3

Condrieu – Tain l’Hermitage, 56km
You leave Condrieu, home of the grape variety of « Viognier » which goes back to the time of Probus, a Roman Emperor. The bike path runs along the right bank of the Rhone and leads us to the dam on the Rhone of St Pierre de Boeuf. The trail then crosses the nature reserve of the island of the Platière between 2 arms of the Rhone, until the Sablons. You will follow the left bank of the Rhône until St Vallier before reaching the right bank and keep it until Tournon. The town is separated from Tain l'Hermitage by the bridge of Europe that you will take to cycle along the river until Tain. In the evening, you will have a great view over the castle of Tournon, highlighted by a nice lighting. Tain l'Hermitage is a famous wine stage, well known for its classified wines that are found in terraces, on both sides of the Rhone. Night in a 3* hotel in B&B

Day 4

Tain l’Hermitage – Le Pouzin, 60 km
You cycle along the Rhône on nature itinerary to Pont de l’Isère, 12 km. The Isère River, which takes its source at the pass of Iseran in Savoy, flows lazily into the Rhône. You cross the Isère on a metal bridge dedicated to bicycles and cycle along the right bank to the city of Valence. There is no difficulty during the crossing, the way is very well marked and the route well protected from the traffic. Once you pass the city centre of Valence and its famous Amoureux de Peynet kiosk, you will change bank at the exit of the town. You will cross the villages of Charmes and Beauchastel, a nice place that overlooks the Rhône; you stay on the left bank to Voulte Pouzin, the gateway to the Ardèche. You reach Pouzin in 8 km on the other bank. Night in a 4* hotel at the edge of Pouzin.

Day 5

Le Pouzin – Pierelatte, 60 km
A stage along the right bank of the Rhône, full of contrasts with the villages of Cruas and Rochemaure, dominated by the remains of its castle, 25 km. Then you will cross a Himalayan footbridge of 340 m long, an exceptional work of art achieved for Via Rhôna. You will cycle along an arm of the Rhône, on a splendid nature way leading you to the bridge of Viviers. The itinerary runs along the Rhône, then passes the Cité du Barrage and continues until Bourg St-Andéol. You cross the Rhône and get 3 km further to Pierrelatte. Night in a 3* hotel in Pierrelatte.

Day 6

Pierrelatte – Pont St Esprit – Avignon, 62 km
The way continues its « descent » to the south, along small low-traffic roads and on shared paths to the surroundings of Pont St Esprit. You will reach this place by the famous medieval bridge of Pont St Esprit over the Rhône (920m long, 26 arches were built to support the bridge). Pont St Esprit is the oldest bridge in activity over the Rhône; it used to be a necessary crossing point over the Rhône between Provence and Languedoc. Please be careful during the crossing. Once arrived in the lovely town of Pont St Esprit, take some time to visit one of the many religious or civil sites like the Priory of St Pierre, Saturnin church and the knight’s house. You continue along the quays and across the countryside, filled with the Rhône valley orchards. The stage continues to the south of Marcoule, before crossing the Rhône again on a cycle path that leads to Caderousse. The village and its winding little streets are surrounded by a seawall of 3m high built in 1856. Highlights: the belfry of Saint-Michel church with its triangular shape six bells, as well as the common house and its iron belfry, finely chiselled. Our route continues to Roquemaure and the island of Barthelasse by 2 successive bridges, separated by the Popes Island. On the western side you can see Villeneuve les Avignon and the tower of Philippe Le Bel, standing like an observation post on the Rhône. At its foot, some barges give this serene landscape a touch of life. You exit the island by the Pont du Royaume bridge and you reach Avignon. Night in Avignon, in a 3* hotel in B&B

Day 7

End of the tour after breakfast
Extension to Pont du Gard, Arles, Saintes Maries de la Mer (Camargue) in 3 more stages :

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Duration :
7 Days
From :
880 €

Included : (see details in Dates and Prices section)

Guest Houses - BB

Luggage transfer (optional)

An English road book and a map.

English speaking email or phone assistance 7/7




Starts in : Condrieu

Ends in : Avignon or Stes Maries de la Mer

Access :  train station.



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Phone Cecile : +33 5 58 48 71 65


Customize your tour : add or remove one night or more,combine with another tour


Extensions :

to the Pont du Gard and to the Saintes Maries de la Mer (3 more days)


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